Singapore at Last !

These last few weeks have been pretty hectic!

Before leaving Paris for Singapore we had some important things to do, on a tight schedule:

– Paint our appartement, it took us a week

– Do 2 1/2 moves, one with all the stuff we wanted to leave in france (they went to Thibaut’s parents place, in Bordeaux), the other in a boat container, for Hong Kong, where we shall arrive in May + a smaller one, in a plane container to send stuff to Singapore for our 5 months stay there.

– Prepare Mathurin’s Christening, and welcome our friends and family at home for the big day

-Deal with Mathurin having chickenpox, and forcing us to delay our departure from the 11th to the 19th of January….

Once we arrived, after a 12 hour flight (where Mat slept on me because he is already too tall to sleep in the bassinet), we had to deal with Mathurin not standing the jet lag:

He only slept in his stroller the first nights, after we had walked him through the appartement for several hours, and woke up every 3 hours to have milk…

He’s fine now, hopefully!

Now that we have settled down, it’s time for us to share bits and pieces of our experiences here and in Hong Kong with you.


2 thoughts on “Singapore at Last !

  1. Olevivi says:

    Merci aux grands cousins de Mathurin pour la varicelle qui a permis de gagner une semaine. Ses parents sont ravis d’ avoir eu un peu de temps supplémentaire pour organiser ce grand départ …

  2. segoinasia says:

    C’est vrai qu’avec le recul on est bien contents qu’il l’ait eu! Il faudrait que l’on refasse ça tous les ans ! On fait quoi la prochaine fois, les oreillons?

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