No booh for the Loo

All along this blog I will often share with you the pros and cons of living here vs France.

The first big PRO here in Singapore are the TOILETS!

When I see those here, i have the feeling France is a third world country.

They are:

– Easy to find, clearly indicated anywhere you are

– Numerous, there are some everywhere, each floor of a mall, an airport or even a cheap ferry has some
– When you go to the women’s toilets, you don’t wait. Even in the smallest mall, there are at least 5 toilets to choose from
– They are clean. The cleaning lady is rated accordingly

– They ALL have complementary delights:  water fountains, a special room to change your baby (wow!), and heat his babby bottle (wow wow)!

Even a special room to breastfeed your baby whith a couch and some privacy (oh my god!)!

– I even saw a chapel near one of them…

I would say this adds to the pleasure of being here, especially when you have some difficulties coping with the food !0)


2 thoughts on “No booh for the Loo

  1. Maïwenn says:

    “specially when you have some difficulties coping with the food !0)”
    Aïe ! Vous avez des difficultés avec la bouffe locale ? 😉

    By the way, vous devriez faire un message pour dire que vous avez commencé à alimenter le blog, non?
    Et surtout racontez-nous… tout ! On veut tout savoir !!!!

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