Miam miam my feet!

You may have heard of these fish spas where little fish are supposed to gently nibble at your feet to eat off your dead skins while you are reading a magazine.
I went there for the experience. You start by the first pond where the fish are small and “nice”. It tickles a lot, so you sit there laughing at nothing, like a dork!
After 15 mimutes i went to the 2nd pond, where the fish are 2 times bigger. There it was both ticklich and painful, they were almost biting me… After that, I didn’t dare go to the 3rd pond, those fish looked like piranas!
The result was ok, but they ate more of the moisturiser i had applied on my legs prior going to the spa than the dead skins on my feet, so now i have little blisters on my legs! I guess it will be a one time experience!



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