Strange but good haircut experience

Yesterday i went to get a haircut. I was a bit startled when she started by applying shampoo on my DRY hair, as soon as i was sitting in front of the mirror. She added water thanks to a bottle, and then continued energetically. (here massages are overall pretty tough, no way you can lay down and relax, you are more often clenching your teeth!). Once my hair was white with shampoo mousse, she took me to another place to rinse them. And it made the previous part worthwhile! I lay down entirely on a soft mattress while she rinsed with hot water (see picture). No water dripping in my neck, no painful contact with the european style sincks, where you don’t know how to place your neck… What a pleasure, i could have taken a nap just there!
All this doesn’t tell you if i ended up with a nice haircut… You’ll have to ask for tibo’s opinion, but you will notice there is no picture of me…



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