Snif snif

While walking in Kowloon, I fell on this flea market, “specialised” in big brands. While browsing along, i felt more and more sad seeing how easily you could find any brand you wanted for nothing. Below an example: all the Goyard bags you can dream of for …less than 28euros, and that is before starting to bargain! Remember, goyard are hand painted in france, each bag is unique…

Tibo, don’t go there i saw some chanel scarfs! It will make you cry!



3 thoughts on “Snif snif

  1. a2s says:

    Bah qu’est ce que t’attends ? Réalise ton rêve ! 😉
    L’ironie de l’histoire c’est qu’ils viennent de rouvrir leur boutique de Hong Kong au Peninsula, semble t’il…

  2. a2s says:

    Je viens de voir ton post et suis obligé de sortir un carton jaune pour fayotage.
    Fais gaffe la prochaine fois, c’est le rouge :p

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