For Eternal Youth… Drink Water !

Je vous transmets un mail que j’ai reçu au bureau.
Ça m’amuse parce que j’en reçois plein des mails comme ça.
Et surtout n’oubliez pas d’ouvrir la piece jointe tout en bas, ça vaut le coup !

Dear All,

I am pleased to announce that we have purchase a new water system in the office pantries (one at 15th floor and one at 14th floor). This water will replace the bottled water in the 15th and 14th floor wet pantry. Notice have been given to Candied water.

The system produces alkaline water with a PH over 7.0 . Alkaline Water is the result of an electrolysis process.

Benefits of alkaline water are as follows:

1. A super anti-oxidant to rid free radicals within your body, over time the alkaline water has the ability to restore your cells, tissues and organs into a balanced state of neutralizing over-acidity within our body. Thus keeps us healthy by boosting our immunity, it also helps to slows down aging.

2. The alkaline water has a pure clean taste and easy to drink and makes your green tea or coffee richer. So boil alkaline water in the airport for tea or coffee.

3. Small water cluster properties to enhance hydration and detoxification Potable water has a typical molecule cluster size of around 11-13, and it is not easily absorbed by the body, compared to alkaline mineral water that has a molecule cluster size of about 6 molecules.

I enclose a write up on alkaline water for your reading pleasure.

Why KYK?

KYK is Korea’s No. 1 alkaline water ionizer, approved by FDA and received awards from Germany, Korea & New Zealand. It is also used in many hospitals and clinics in Singapore.

How it Operates?

The system taps water directly from the pipes, it then cleans and purifies and finally ionizes it. All this takes only a few seconds.

There is only 1 button to press and the water will be produced in seconds onto your container, when water is sufficient just press the same button again.

The system has an internal counter and it will signal when the filters are ready for replacements. There are 2 filters, one on each side and to replace it is as easy as replacing batteries on a camera.

Happy Drinking!

Writeup on Alkaline water.pptx


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