Cupcake Incentive!

2 days ago, it was Wednesday December 21st…
A special day?
Of course… It is “Tidy-Up Day” in the office! Euh… What is it?

(please see below for all the pictures…)


Clean-up day is a special day when everybody in the office can take time to clean its cubicle.
– You must get rid of a maximum of your old papers and files that you piled on your desk since 6 months or even 6 years.


– You must also take out, from below your desk, all the shopping bags, pairs of shoes, old gifts or dirty sport’s bag that you stored!


– you must throw away all the old post-it next to your phone. And especially the ones on which you have some important memos from last year… The ones you covered with doodles while you were on the phone this year.


– you must collect all over the table all the old small perfumed papers that the ladies keep changing and displaying under the phone once it is clean and sparkling.
– why do you keep so many old paper cup of tea on your desk? You want to make people think you are a bit nervous currently?


– let’s trash the stock of ten or so extra chopsticks, ginger and wazabi bags that you kept from your favorite japanese restaurant – just in case – and that were stuck in a corner of your desk.


– same destiny for the papers, magazines, press clip that you put in the “bannette” and you always wanted to read… yet you haven’t after a couple of years!


– and don’t miss the old FedEx box full of crap you kept from your previous job position in the other division.


If you are willing to do that… well my company offers cupcakes as a reward… or maybe more as an incentive!


…I actually had a cupcake…


… although I did not clean anything! I postponed it to the next clean-up day! 😉


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