HK vs. SG

A little “Town vs. Town” game, that we will start and that you can help us complete !

Singapore vs Hong Kong




  • Toilets (see my post on the subject!)
  • Malls (is that really a pro?): You can find everything here, as long as you pay the price
  • Safety: 1. You can forget your baby blanket in the taxi, the cab driver will bring it back, 2. no worries someone will rob you (the stakes are too high, death penalty…) 3. no obnoxious looks from men ( maybe because prostitution is legal here?)
  • English-speaking: Everybody speaks (proper) english, mainly because there are so many different nationalities represented!

– –

  • Singlish + shitty accents : I can’t undestand a word the Singaporeans say sometimes!
  • Food: Not always easy to find tasty comfort food, and sometimes you can “pay” for it for a couple of days afterwards ;0)
  • The Heat: Omnipresent, hence the AC omnipresent too, and also the mosquitoes….
  • What to do on week-ends? Not much more than shop and eat




  • The pulse of the city, “the NY of Asia”
  • The quick access to very green territories, and to a clean beach

– –

  • The “chinese” atmosphere: people are not at all as friendly…
  • People fart and spit
  • English speakers are much less represented than advertised…

To be completed, of course, with your help if possible!


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